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Video Drone Services as Sales Tool

Using our video drone services for selling real estate properties online can make a huge difference. It’s similar to giving your potential buyers an aerial view of the property. Imagine watching a movie about a property from high up in the sky!

FAA-Certified Drone Pilot and Photographer

When you hire a drone pilot who is FAA-certified and is also a professional photographer, you’re getting someone who knows the rules of the airspace flying the drone safely and legally. Drone photos and videos capture stunning views of your property, showing off its best features above ground. This can help attract more buyers because they better understand the property’s layout and surroundings.

Get 40% More Clicks

One benefit of using our video drone services is increased audience engagement. Studies show that property listings with drone videos receive up to 40% more clicks than those without drone shots. The reason for this is that people are naturally drawn to interesting and informative visuals, especially when they’re dynamic and show things from a unique perspective.

Show off your property – Its Neighborhood and Nearby Amenities

Our video drone Services make your listing stand out, they also help potential buyers envision themselves living in the property and the neighborhood it is in, the nearby amenities, shops, restaurants, parks, and the layout of the land. This can lead to more serious leads and ultimately a faster sale.

Save Time and Money

Additionally, aerial videos can save time and money. Instead of scheduling in-person showings, interested buyers can get a comprehensive look at the property online from above. This can help eliminate less serious buyers and streamline the sales process.

Increases Audience Engagement

Utilizing video drone services in real estate property marketing is a wise investment. It showcases your property in the best light and increases audience engagement which can lead to faster sales. Hiring an FAA-certified drone pilot who is a professional photographer ensures you get high-quality footage that complies with the FAA regulations (with safety in mind), helping you attract more buyers and close deals efficiently.

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