Camera-ready listings for photography

How to Prepare Your Listings for Stunning Photography

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Ensure your property shines in every snapshot with these expert tips for camera-ready listings in real estate. Elevate your marketing game and boost listing sales by following these steps for camera-ready listings for photography.



- Thoroughly clean the entire property.

- Remove cars from driveways and the front of the property.

- Keep garage doors closed.

- Conceal or remove trash bins.

- Maintain well-manicured grass, trimmed trees, and bushes.

- Neatly arrange water hoses and empty planters.

- Sweep away cuttings and leaves.

- Maintain the pool area for an inviting appeal.



- Illuminate the space by turning on all lights and replacing any burnt-out bulbs.

- Close windows and open blinds or window coverings.

- Create an open, spacious feel by removing unnecessary furniture.

- Clear away clothes and clutter.

- Conceal personal items and close closet doors.

- Make beds and arrange pillows neatly.

- Declutter kitchen countertops and shelves.

- Store away small appliances and dishes.

- Stage the space by removing personal photographs and arranging furniture strategically.

- Clean and declutter shelves and tabletops.

- Conceal loose cables for a polished look.

- Maintain a pristine bathroom by storing personal items, cleaning mirrors and countertops, and hanging fresh towels.

- Keep toilet lids closed for a tidy appearance.

Remember, professionally staged properties sell faster. If it's not in your budget, follow these steps to elevate your listing's appeal. For inquiries, reach out to us at 818-416-7547 or email

Camera ready listings for photography

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